This is definitely my favorite outfit I’ve come up with in a while… Since I wore my Junior prom dress yesterday, I decided to rework this year’s Marc Jacobs number into a [somewhat] everyday outfit:

DSC05438Marc Jacobs dress, American Apparel tank, vintage Levi’s cutoffs, Marc Jacobs shoes, American Eagle belt.

DSC05444I kind of like the weird things the shadows did to my face in this picture…

DSC05445Not photoshopped– love the accidental overexposed, washed-out look, though!

DSC05455The test of a good outfit for me? The number of confused looks I get at school… this attempt yielded MANY.



8 responses to “05.13.09

  1. I ADORE it. I completely wish I could have followed you around at school documenting peoples’ reactions.


    I love that me and Lee commented. Can’t wait to see it tonight!

  3. that last photo is awesome… you actually look like you’re taking flight!

  4. this is such a great re-wear of your prom dress! it looks beautiful

  5. GOOD ON YOU FOR going out there and wearing your heart on your sleeve. 🙂 cool photos! you look like a model! 🙂

  6. Dude I love this! So so cool.

  7. you always wear such unique outfits, very cool love xx

  8. Very cool, I get the weirdest looks at school too!XOXOXO

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