[insert title that will wittily tie together ensuing randomness here]

Okay. I wasn’t all too excited about today’s getup, so here is some stuffz that IS inspiring me right now… or at least interesting me… or whatever.

First off: I realized today that as Hannah is riding the wave of her Celia obsession, I have descended into the depths of a [much less fashion-related] Star Trek obsession. (I know, I know).

I used to watch the original series when it came on my random local channel at midnight, but I hadn’t given it much thought until this weekend when, after seeing the new movie, I watched some episodes of the classic…[I then proceeded to see the movie again yesterday… and am about to be off to see it AGAIN with Hannah and Lee (who’s finally home from college!)… I offer no excuse.]

Anyhow, I realized… in a weird way, those polyester getups, chunky boots, and shellacked hair-dos are actually quite aesthetically compelling:


star trek tos s1 hd dvd box set capture 4


20-STAR-TREK_160894tI mean, mustard yellow? Those slim-cut black pants? Gold ric-rac trim? (Okay, that last one not so much, but…) I think YES. And for the record, the last picture is included also because of its very high badass quotient. Those eyebrows could cut glass!

…But I digress. Here is this inexplicable video of my absolute fave Coco Rocha doing her full gamut of Coco-faces. I hope it’s in fast-motion, otherwise ya gurl is CRAZY.

And here’s this James Mountford editorial that’s been floating around amongst the flotsam in my head. It’s called futurism…. fitting, don’t you think?






…that was lengthy. I’ll go be a trekkie now (I’m pretty sure I’m becoming one… you might see me DIYing some Spock ears or donning a space-age polyester tunic in the near future…)

Live long and prosper!

[oh gosh… it’s official… my nerdiness is complete! Forgive me! Forgive me!]



2 responses to “[insert title that will wittily tie together ensuing randomness here]

  1. Lol this post is full of interesting things!!!!
    love it!
    the editorial is great!!!

  2. Oliveselkie (Kate)

    You have just won me over completely. Shoes and Star Trek being two of my oh so Very favorite things.

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