So… I return to the real world (or, at least, to the blogosphere) after my long and harrowing journey into AP-EXAM-LAND. It was a horrible, stressful place, filled with multiple choice bubble sheets and a hand-cramping amount of timed essays. But, at long last, I have made it through! I thought I’d celebrate by wearing this wonderful number:

DSC05296[dress of unknown origin… got it at a boutique a few years ago and the tag fell off, Marc Jacobs shoes, American Eagle belt]

I haven’t worn this in FOREVER, but I was feeling so light and airy today that I broke it out to go play Putt-Putt and see Star Trek. Me? Overdressed? NEVER.

Then, the weather was so beautiful that I just HAD to photoshoot it up outside:



DSC05303The completely sheer back of the dress is my favorite part.


Ahh, the weekend…. Glorious, isn’t it?



4 responses to “05.09.09

  1. Love that lastt photo, looks like it was from an editorial!!!

  2. You got some nice photos in here!

  3. your dress is absolutely beautiful– I love it with the belt..

  4. wow i LOVE this outfit! and your others, this blog is fantastic!
    thanks for commenting at sea of shoes! 🙂
    xox jane

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