Last time I promise.  Well, not pinky swearing.  Last night was an upsetting night for me, because Celia was eliminated from America’s Next Top Model.  And this being my blog, I can repeatedly vent about it if I want to, right?


OK, here’s the deal: I’m not going to go overboard.  What I want to get across her is that I loved her picture (yep, the one she was booted for).  It really irritates me when my favorite show refuses to showcase edgy models like Celia and refuses to give her credit if she can’t do commercial pictures. Also, they kicked her out for being a year younger than Agyness Deyn, which totally sucks.

But anyway… that’s not what you read this blog for?  Sorryyyyyy I’ll try to have something fashiony next time.  The finale is next Wednesday anyway, so I’m dry after that.  Thanks for your patience, guys.

Some good news to accompany the bad: my AP exams are over!  Ava’s not so lucky, however…



One response to “Finale?

  1. I can’t handle ANTM anymore because of Tyra, but I do appreciate the pictures. This one is kind of cool. I like the dark nature theme.

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