This is what I wore (plus a large parka) to take the AP Calculus exam today… The parka was actually QUITE necessary, as I had anticipated, but once I shed all last thoughts of derivatives and integrals while walking out of the frigid exam room, I also shed my parka in favor of this much more seasonally appropriate vintage jacket:

img_0226…felt like doing a crazy pose to stretch out from hours behind a desk…

Vintage jacket, Target tank top, Citizens of Humanity pants, Nike shoes

…then I jumped for joy because…. I NEVER HAVE TO DO CALCULUS AGAIN! Hurrah!




And, in  exactly one month, Hannah and I will be FREE from High School! On to a summer of endless popsicles, fireworks, night-driving, vintage shopping, beach-going, traveling, and intense amounts of movie and TV watching! 



One response to “05.06.09

  1. Can u tell me, what model ( of these Nike) is it? ;>
    Please,answer me on my blog. Thanks ;]
    I really like your clothes!

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