First off, I want to congratulate Ava on surviving her AP Calculus Exam.  Daaaaamn girl.  Damn.

Here are the necklaces I wore yesterday:


All gifted, thrifted, or vintage.

My favorite is the clock necklace:




I like to wear it backwards.



7 responses to “Galang

  1. that is a killer necklace! dayum!

  2. Those necklaces are so beautiful! I hear what you’re saying about the shoes in the David Lynch photo. I’m both intrigued and repulsed by them. It’s a total fetish thing but man…OUCH!

    • Oh no I know what you mean, they are interesting in a way that makes me cringe if I think too much. They actually remind me of George Condo in a strange way… like the stiletto version of this picture.

  3. as you said, daaaaaaamn girl. daaaaaaaaamn.

  4. incredible combo. I just decided yesterday I need more gold necklaces.

  5. that is an AMAZING necklace

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