So, on my endless journey in the land of google, I recently happened upon this picture and it made me happy.  Not because I think this is the best outfit she’s ever rocked (I’m kinda meh about shorts over leggings to be honest) but because her demeanor is just so confident and adorable.  I know she’s not gonna win (I’m thinking 3rd) which makes it even better – doesn’t she just look like she’s washed her hands and is ready to go forward with her life?  Yes?  Yes!

(This is Celia from America’s Next Top Model by the way.  I think about that show way more than is healthy.  I wouldn’t put it on the blog but well… it’s what makes it individual, ya know?)


(Photo via Rocked, where she was overwhelmingly voted as embodying “perfection”)

If you think ANTM is a guilty pleasure, I give you this: I have recently become fond of the Lady GaGa song The Fame.  It’s so bad that I have been listening to it on youtube so that it won’t show up on my last.fm.  Which is kind of ridiculous coming from someone who idolizes Madonna and blasts Britney Spears shamelessly, but I’ve been so incredibly loathe to get on the GaGa bandwagon.  Something about her is more cringe-inducing poser than icon to me.  Oh well.  This happened to a lesser extent with Hot n Cold (do not even get me STARTED on the exploitative monster that is Katy Perry).  I’ll be over it in a few days.



5 responses to “Encore

  1. I LOVE that we hate the same pop stars just like we love the same ones. GaGa is death. And you know how I feel about Celia. A+

  2. That girl has really great style! I lovee Lady gaga too. xx

  3. lol I like your honesty. I neither listen to Gaga, Madonna or Ms Spears but I do know that there is a huge fuss over Gaga both because of her music and style. The fame you say? Off to youtube that now! haha

    And this girl who is she? Is she a contestant on ANTM? Her outfit is pretty lovely 🙂

    Hope you’ve been well hun 😀


  4. Woopsies nevermind! haha. Question answered. Silly goose me should read the content more carefully haha 😉

  5. Madonna/Britney/Katy/GaGa.

    What’s the diff? They’re all marketing whores with no disernable talent.

    The charts are run by people who like fads and not music.

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