Ugh. AP exam week honestly makes me want to curl up in a giant parka and sweatpants and go to sleep and never think about anything academic ever again… Seriously– I’m wearing a parka to my Calculus exam tomorrow to stave off the icy chill of death that permeates the test-taking area (aka the gym…our school is pretty classy…).

But today I didn’t have any exams, so I wore some sort of seasonably appropriate clothes mashed together in what might or might not have turned out as an outfit:

img_0194anonymous cashmere cardigan, DIY vintage top that used to be a dress until it met my scissors, Laeken skirt, Marc Jacobs shoes

img_0195ugh look at my super awkward face…yikes… also, excuse the rampant red-eye. I was using flash because they were turning out all blurry otherwise.

img_0196Here’s a close-up of the top… I really like the juxtaposition of the see-through lace and peter pan collar: simultaneously very buttoned-up and girly and a little risque (I wore a tank top underneath to mitigate that second part…:) )

img_0200I LOVE these shoes and would wear them more often if they weren’t so TALL. I can deal with a pretty high heel, but these tend to be less stable than my Nicholas Kirkwoods and others…

Also, my Nikes finally came in the mail tonight. I adore them (they’re soooo comfortable!!) and of course had to try them on right away:

img_02031The trim is patent leather, and the rest is a coated canvas material that gives off a slightly more muted shine. If I’m going to wear sneakers, they’d better be shiny!



Sooo…. tireddddd….. I’m still wondering exactly HOW I ended up deciding to take a three-hour CALCULUS exam. CALCULUS. That’s MATH. I don’t even particularly LIKE math. *And* it doesn’t even matter that much because I’m already going to college…

So basically, I’m paying $85 to sit in a frigid gym for three hours [beginning at the ungodly hour of 7:45 am] as my brain melts from doing math. 




4 responses to “05.05.09

  1. YOUR SHOES!!! YOUR MARC JACOBS SHOES! i am dying of jealousy! they are so fab, and so is your gorgeous HAIR!!!

  2. thank you!! 🙂 I got the shoes 70% off two years ago– I *highly* recommend going to a Marc Jacobs store sometime in July/August– that’s when they’re getting rid of all their stuff for [relatively] cheap! (I also got my prom dress there last summer!)

  3. Hey! You finally got patent Nikes!! They look wicked! I’m so gonna wear mine tomorrow.. Keep the blog going girls :-))

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