I braided the headband last night.  It’s a bit hipsterish, I guess.  Oh well.  I like it.


I hadn’t noticed the cool thing my hair is doing by my face until I looked at this pictures – serendipitous hair day for sure!  I haven’t been wearing earrings for about a month due to a persistent ear infection, and seeing my naked ears here is making me majorly wistful.

Next week Ava and I take the AP exams… wish us much luck.  Not that anything we do in high school is really important at this point – I already feel only half there.  But still!  It’s a multi-hour time investment, so I want to do well.



4 responses to “05-02-09

  1. lol well I wish you both all the best for these exams! Even if they aren’t THAT improtant lol.

    I am so jealous of how amazing you look in your headband. I can’t pull the look off. Far too oblong of a face hahaha

    Hope your wkend goes well hun!


  2. I love your headband, so creative!


  3. oo i like it! good luck on the exams!

    xx, Geri

  4. You look so gorgeous!!!!
    Good luck on the exams.

    And thank you Hannah so much for stoping by my blog and left such nice note.

    You’ve a very cool blog.

    Keep in touch if you feel like.


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