I don’t know these people…

…but I wish I did. Here for some [not quite fashion related] daily inspiration/fun are a group of random photos of a group of random people! From here.

011_gI love this first one for a few reasons:

1. That girl’s FACE.

2. The creepy misogynistic undertones of the pose, which, although I’m sure it was inadvertent, totally embodies a piece of that mid-century corporate spirit. 

3. The fact that they were probably quite inebriated, and that one dude in the glasses doesn’t look like he’s feeling too well…

4. The row of coats neatly hung in the background.

…etc.etc. It’s pretty much my favorite thing ever. Here’s more:

001_gI only hope my hair will someday be this awesome.

010_gI like this one for more straight-forward fashion reasons– both of their outfits have this perfect proportion and offhandedness I absolutely love.

013_gI’m pretty sure this is the same absolutely pimpin’ guy from the first photo (the one on the right, holding his drink, staring all creepy-like into the camera). What a BOSS. Plus, aesthetically, the colors are awesome here– I wish I could live my life in this intoxicating mauve tint.

And, finally, 

015_gThis is absolutely adorable (even if the bride’s eyes are a little Allison-esque…). I wish people still employed such awesome typography in graphic design. Hmph. 

Anyhow, sorry for no outfit post today; my camera is…still in my Environmental Science teacher’s pocket… [long story that involves splashing through streams, counting macro-invertebrates, juggling many clipboards, and generally existing in conditions that were not favorable to my camera’s survival]. 

I found some bitchin’ shoes at goodwill this afternoon with my friend Anna, which I can’t wait to wear tomorrow, so you’ll definitely be seeing plenty of those… [sidenote: shopping on a weekday afternoon was our weak attempt at second-semester senior irresponsibility… it didn’t last long; I was home and writing my research paper by 6 pm 🙂 ]



3 responses to “I don’t know these people…

  1. Lovely photos, I love looking at old ones like this from my grandmother..

  2. Love drawing inspiration from old photographs, especially ones of my mom, if only she hadn’t thrown everything out….


  3. Dorky Hannah comment: the hair lady is SO an incarnation of the lady that comes to our talent show and related events!

    Just sayin’.

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