I found this tee shirt at goodwill a while ago, and finally decided to wear it today:

dsc05173I’m not normally a slogan-shirt person, but this just seemed so appropriate to wear with a certain purple suede pair of shoes I know and love… Plus, the 90s cropped-top shape was definitely appealing:

dsc05161ugh…my face looks super dorky. Anyway: thrifted tee shirt worn over anonymous tank top from 7th grade, Cynthia Rowley skirt, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. 

dsc05162[Yes, my head is cut off in this pic… my self-timer has apparently been set on “FAIL” today….]

I like seeing the racer-back straps of this tank top peeking out from the neckline of the teeshirt… Today’s outfit led me to have some serious DIY ideas, to be explored this summer when I have time! Potential DIY’s include:

A top with thick elastic cage-like straps like this [much more minimal than what I’m going for, but you get the idea] Alexander Wang number:

alexander1Along similar lines, I was thinking of altering my American Apparel black mesh tee (seen here) by cutting a wider neckline, finishing that with more wide black elastic banding, and maybe doing some overlays of the aforementioned banding (or some sort of opaque fabric) or some cut-out work… Hmmm…. 



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