Ahhh, it’s been an embarrassingly long time since my last legit outfit post… the weather’s so beautiful now that I’m hoping for a burst of spring-fever fashion inspiration. However, since it was Monday, I decided to keep it comfy (in flats!), while still managing to look (I hope) relatively presentable:


I took these at night so the lighting’s a little weird…actually, I kind of like the pinkish tone…

3.1 Philip Lim top, Marc Jacobs silk shorts (from my prom dress!), shoes I honestly can’t remember… but I love them:

dsc051591I got these last spring at my favorite local shoe boutique, but I’ve worn them so much the brand name has rubbed off the sole …whatever, they’re sparkly and that’s really all I could ever want in a flip-flop.

dsc05153I absolutely ADORE this top… I searched it out online after seeing it on an episode of Chuck (dorky? maybe a little… okay, okay, maybe a lot…) and it’s definitely one of the most interesting tops I own. I always mean to wear it more often, but since it’s more voluminous and looser than most other tops I own, I’ve had trouble finding a good proportion. These awesome shorts do the trick, though!

Here’s a close-up of the shirt so you can get an idea of the detail– Philip Lim is a GENIUS:


So, that was that. Another Monday done and accounted for, and exactly ONE MONTH to the day until high school is OVER. Freedom is so close, and yet SO very far away!



4 responses to “04.27.09

  1. that shirt IIISS to die for! and your shorts was part of your prom dress or was that a DIY with the fabric?

    so interested, and i love your blog!

  2. You look gorge ! loving the combination of the lust inducing blouse and the shorts. The sandals are perfect for the look.
    muah x

  3. I ADORE that shirt, Ava. How have I never seen it before? A+++

  4. really cute outfit!

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