For the past three days, Hannah and I have been chillin’ at super-touristy/tacky Myrtle Beach on a school orchestra trip. It was pretty fabulous, so here are some pictures:


dsc049041True Blue.

dsc04910True Blue two.

dsc04924Coco face! You know, like this:



dsc04967Charlie’s Angels with our friend Sarah… another requisite pose for every occasion!


dsc05022You’ll recognize Hannah’s inspiration for this pose if you’re a true ANTM dork…. remember this picture?:

America's Next Top Model…anyway:


dsc05077This is my absolute FAVORITE swimsuit. I love it.


dsc048921So that’s about it! Now I have one more day of freedom before returning to my last few weeks of high school! Rejoice! The end is near!



7 responses to “beachy

  1. Friends make lame school trips fun haha I love the last few weeks of school 🙂

  2. so cute! i wish i was at the beach, btw that cut out swim suit is HOT

  3. Love the photos and that swimsuit is Supreme, where’s it from? x

  4. thanks! the swimsuit is by Zimmermann, and I got it at– I *highly* recommend the brand; it fits great!

  5. Wow I hop eyou don’t mind me saying this but you are quite a STUNNER! lol. AND you resemble Coco in some of these shots too lol.

    YES! I had seen that underwater ELLE shoot that Drew was shot for. She’s gorgeous! A real renaisance “old-worldy’ face but this is a positive.

    Eeli x

    Btw, that black cut-out is my fav too 😛

  6. love the sex piece! i have one too and but i always get the “your crazy” stares hahah. wheres yours from-?

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