Ugh… this week has been horrid, and has left little [read: NO] time for posting. Excuses, excuses, excuses….but, such is the life of a second-semseter senior right before AP exams… Anyway, here are some absolutely st-st-stunning photos by Michael Oates. Obtained here


Ahh, amazing. Now, here are some photos I absolutely adore from the super-cool website i heart krackney [which belongs to James Mountford– so sorry for the mix-up, James!!]:


…and this:

hannah9886…and MANY more. Check it outttt.

Leaving for Myrtle Beach tomorrow at 5:45 am to enjoy a few days of super touristy-tacky orchestra trip action. I’M PUMPED. Possible posting from there…if I can get internet… Definite photo-documentation WILL happen, however.



4 responses to “photolust

  1. Second semester is brutal, I know how you feel. Good luck on exams lovie xx

  2. lol I can totally relat. Hope your exam prep and actual exams go well for you though! 😀 Lovely lovely pictures too! I have a very strange urge to paint my entire interior white now! hahaha 😀

  3. His photos are so amazing! Love them..
    Have so much fun in Myrtle Beach!

  4. enjoy your time away! loving these photos by Oats!
    muah xx

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