AHHH, it’s finally Friday and it feels so good! I have not a care in the world, except for low-stress activities such as painting my nails and watching bad 80s movies (if you’re looking for a really good bad 80s movie, I highly recommend “Revenge of the Nerds”…as a nerd/bad-80s-film-lover, I highly appreciated it!)…

I also have to figure out how to wear my hair for prom tomorrow: up? down? wavy? straight? I very much enjoy being able to focus on trivial things like this instead of government papers and Joyce novels and Calculus problems!!

Anyway, here’s what I wore today (this is the skirt I bought in New York):

dsc04402Vintage leather jacket (I know I wear this too much…I just love it, that’s all!), Zac Posen for Runway to Change tee, Laeken skirt, Matt Bernson flip flops (which, incidentally, I also purchased from the OAK website last summer…)

Also: the time has come for another shameless plug– do you care to follow A & H with bloglovin’?




6 responses to “04.17.09

  1. wowowowow…cute skirt…cute flip flops…

  2. I love your skirt, the zip is killer. x

  3. I totally love that skirt, what a gorgeous find. Have so much fun at prom! Can’t wait to see how you decided on doing your hair xo

  4. pretty! i love the zip skirt

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