I know it is THE last thing you saw me wearing, but providence had me wearing one of the skull shirts I made once again:


I tried to drag these pictures to the size I wanted.  Unfortunately, I think I only achieved major blurriness.

Anyway, sorry for the spotty posting lately.  This has not been a very inspiring week, and I’ve been deferring some energy from sartorial competence to basic survival.  BUT, prom is this weekend, so there will be some prom posts.  In fact, I just got prom some lipstick that stays on perfectly.  Maybe I’ve just been settling for too little too long, but I’ve never had that before and it feels like a good prom omen.


DIY thrifted shirt, thrifted bra/top that reminds me of Madonna, Banana Republic jeans.

Weather is looking up, and that actually has major mood effects.  I have my fingers crossed for a perfectly temperate weekend!



5 responses to “04-16-09

  1. i love your tshirt!

  2. I love this thrifted tee!

  3. um…. even though I already told you earlier, may I reiterate how much I love love love the Madonna-esque bra-top?… must get myself one of those puppies ASAP. obviously. Slash I’m going to mooch off your stencil for some skull-laden garb of my own one of these days– I guess that’s just a perk of having a fabulously stencil-talented and amazing friend + blogging partner!

  4. oh my gosh i want your t shirt!! you look so cute dear. lovely pics 🙂

    xx bel

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