I’m sure everyone already reads Style Bubble, but I fell in instant love with this gorgeous picture of Susie and really wanted its loveliness to grace our blog!  Here is the interview that it accompanies, which is, in true Susie fashion, candid, sincere, and bursting with enthusiasm.

Sorry about the lack of recent outfit posts.  Being back at school is a horrible sensation that I have not quite adjusted to yet, and thus far this week has been pretty stylistically barren.  Hoping to spring back soon though!



8 responses to “Susie

  1. I love susie bubble and she looks so wonderful in that photo! x

  2. I love this photo too!!!

  3. I love her style so very much! She’s wicked. xo

  4. she looks stunning here!

  5. this is possibly the best photo i’ve seen of her. she looks so different in black & white, you know? haha

  6. Ohh I love her! ❤

  7. great interview, shes an interesting person, and i like her style

  8. I hadn’t seen this yet and it’s gorgeous. I love her site too, but this is truly unusual.

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