Stangely Appealing

First off, please excuse (the pun) the fact that 100% of these images are lifted from JAK & JIL which means that everyone has already seen them… what, where have you been?  But a certain stylista keeps returning to  my mind.  No, it’s not Carine (though she’s rarely far).  It’s Iekeliene Stange and the lovely page Tommy has dedicated to her.


I keep hearing the term “recessionista” thrown around with very little meaning.  Well, looking at Iekeliene, I finally get it.  Here’s someone who doesn’t have to rely on trendy statement clothing to look stylish.  None of the items look particularly expensive, and she’s not afraid to wear something more than once.  These pictures are at least a season old, and yet she still looks fresh fresh fresh!  Carine might be the queen, but her look is so impossibly unapproachable.  This I can do.  And despite the seeming hodge-podge, her look is strong and cohesive.  What’s not to love?

Spring break is officially over.  This weekend could be any other.  Funny how easy it is to adjust the schedule to accommodate extra time.  I am positively dreading Monday.



5 responses to “Stangely Appealing

  1. Love her style. Bit over the top, but it looks good on her.

  2. I love how fantastic she always looks! I’d never be able to pull it off but I love her!

  3. Yes , she look really cool with “cheap” clothes and she can wear something more than once because she wear it with something really different and it´s hard to notice it.
    She´s amazing 🙂
    Wonderful post!


  4. i feel like she trys way to hard, but she is fantastic model

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