What can I say.  This post was always going to happen.  I have a shameless love of America’s Next Top Model, and this season that devotion has been channeled entirely toward Celia.  I’ve spent enough time poring over google image (search: “antm celia”) to warrant a post on her, I think.  And… I rationalize.  Oh well.  Here are some pictures.







Her photos alone captivate me.  I’m loving the Lara/Tilda/Kirsten face, despite accusations that she has tranny features.  Seriously, is she some Juergen Teller muse planted into the show to spy on crazy Tyra?  I’m still flumoxed as to why someone with her talent would enter a contest that is essentially career suicide, but hey, I watch it, so she’s doing me a favor.  And I doubt the Tyra curse can stop her for long – Scott already digs her and I’m confident the rest of the world will follow suit.

Plus I love her even more for wit and drama-causing capabilities.  But that’s not even kind of related.

One more from an ANTM photoshoot that I find particularly striking:

America's Next Top Model

Anyway, that’s off my chest.  Now maybe we can return to adult conversation…



9 responses to “Celia

  1. Amazing pictures !

  2. o wow these are amazing shots! she is simply stunning! thanks for your comments doll 🙂
    xxx bel

  3. Wow she IS gorgeous, can’t believe she’s from ANTM! I stopped watching the show but they actually found someone good with this girl!

  4. i LOVE this image… awesome. Happy Easter 🙂

  5. She DOES do well but man when she ratted out Tahlia… I was soooo incredibly like, what the heck Celia. I mean, she may do awesome on the show but, man… that was mean!

    • I guess I appreciate drama in general when it comes to reality television, and I was just glad someone finally instigated a fight. Horrible, I know.

  6. I haven’t been keeping up with this season and I hadn’t seen any of this girl’s pictures yet. I saw her the other day while flipping channels and didn’t think much of her, but she looks great in these. Very interesting.

  7. I worry for her. Tyra has a very good track record of chewing these girls up and spitting them out under the guise of dispensing good “life advice” and I hate to see someone who is actually remotely modelesque get dragged into this ANTM nonsense. Let’s hope she beats the odds and actually ends up on top.

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