Feeling kind of old school Americana today.   Both the shirt and skirt are from separate Goodwill ventures last week.  I especially like the shirt, as it can be either utilitarian or western (I’ll try the former sometime).


This one because it’s pretty…


And this is my current tripod.  The camera keeps falling off.  It’s loads of fun, I assure you.



7 responses to “04-11-09

  1. I love this look – so chich 50’s! The blouse is especially gorgeous xo

  2. That skirt is so pretty! I hope you are doing well!

  3. The red skirt adds the perfect P O P of color 🙂


  4. love your skirt!

    thank you for dropping by…


  5. I’m totally feeling the utilitarian/western shirt. What lucky goodwill finds!! And you should see my tripod…it’s ghetto rigged out of a chair, my cell phone (so I can take portrait shots without my camera falling over) and a stack of ancient VHS tapes. Very high tech.

  6. i looooveee your skirt!

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