AHHHHH I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO POST ABOUT!!!!! I reallyyyyy don’t know where to start/keep going/how to organize this… Okay. Must start somewhere:

Yesterday, I went to the land of all that is good and pure, my absolute HEAVEN, the HOLY GRAIL of fashion, as it were…. BERGDORF GOODMAN. Unfortunately, this haven for such gems as YSL cage boots, Jil Sander fringe dresses (YES, I saw a few IN PERSON!!!!), and a whole heck of a lot more Margiela than I’d ever encountered before DOESN’T ALLOW PICTURES. Hmph! (Sorry for the overly-expressive prose; I just feel very STRONGLY about this, okay?) So suffice to say that it was nirvana. I fondled the likes of Alexander McQueen dresses, Balenciaga jackets (yes, they really produced those AMAZING metallic, futuristic-looking ones), Christian Louboutins (en masse), a Rodarte leather jacket (I asked to see more Rodarte, but it was SOLD OUT! BOO!), a smattering of Haider Ackerman (with whom I am now COMPLETELY enamored), and so many other amazing things…. As you could imagine, this was the perfect occasion for some Nicholas Kirkwood action:


dsc04318(Vintage leather jacket, A Détacher top ((more about this LATER– deserves its own post!)), American Apparel U Neck dress, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes)

Ahhhh, I’m still on such a Bergdorf’s high– that place is like a museum! In fact, I think I’m going to head back uptown tomorrow for another in-depth look at the shoe floor… I might even dare to try a few pairs on… 

OKAY. Onwards and upwards to some of today’s sartorial escapades:

Walking around the Lower East Side after my NYU tour (’twas awesome, btw), I stumbled upon the flesh-and-blood version of one of my favorite websites, OAK ! It was chock full of amazing clothes and shoes, not to mention some completely hardcore jewelry! Wasn’t sure whether they’d object to my taking pictures, but I snuck one of the general space, just so you can get an idea of its intimidating coolness:

dsc04329Kind of a sucky picture, but whatev. Anyway, while I was there, I bought an amazing skirt (will photograph tomorrow!) AND had the enormous pleasure of trying on this Alexander Wang dress I’ve been lusting after ever since I first saw a picture. If anyone has $625 lying around, I HIGHLY recommend it– the silk + tee shirt jersey combo is just as comfy and elegant as it seems:

dsc04327I’m totally waiting for this to go on sale in a few months… at least I know it fits, right?

dsc04328Look– I’m wearing flats!! (I thought I’d point out this rare event; I’m even considering getting a pair of super snazzy Nike’s after I saw Gisela’s on Heights of Fashion!)

[Wow, this post is long– will wrap up soon, I promise! There’s just so much more to talk about!!!]

After that, I went to Screaming Mimi’s, which was just as wonderfully organized and edited as I could have hoped. There, I found something quite exciting that I wish I could have bought, but couldn’t buy for reasons you’ll probably understand better after seeing pictures of it… Remember that Alexander Wang dress? The really famous one? [These questions are the most rhetorical of the rhetorical– I know you all know it!] … Well, when I saw THIS:




dsc043351… I just COULDN’T HELP but think of THIS:

tinypiccom1(Photo from

I know it’s not COMPLETELY the same, but the reminiscence of this 80s creation to the Alexander Wang (which I absolutely LOVE) was undeniable. So, if this dress was so amazing, why didn’t I walk away with it?? Not because a mesh, sequined, skintight cocktail dress wouldn’t see much wear (BELIEVE ME, I’d live in stuff like this!)… Rather, because of a rather important technical problem: the opaque part of the dress started a little… low… (to say the least…) for it to be worn comfortably [read: without being in violation of indecent exposure laws] in public, and it didn’t seem at all easily alterable. I couldn’t resist sharing it, though, and dream of the day I come across another similar dress (or, if I’m REALLY dreaming big, the actual Alexander Wang…) in a smaller size. 

AHHH, MANHATTAN! HOW I LOVE YOU SO!!! I can’t believe tomorrow is my last day here– I never want to leave!!! But, alas, I must return to the real world, and face the music (and homework, and prom next weekend, etc. etc.)… so thus ends my epic NYC post! (NOT the last NYC post, however– I want to do an in-depth look at the two things I purchased, but I’m putting that on hold until tomorrow because this post is already nearing epicly unreadable lengths and it’s after 1 AM…)



4 responses to “NYC CONTINUED

  1. OK I’m upping the dork factor to comment TWICE on my own blog and say you are the most glamorous person I know. That is all.

  2. WHOA okay. Promise me, Ava, that sometime in the (near?) future we will spend an entire day in Oak with lots of $$$. One of my absolute FAVORITES, but I’m always afraid to blind-purchase stuff from their website… no one does neo-punk better though!

  3. You look so chic in NY! Love the outfit and ofcourse, those wicked Kirkwoods! Next time you’re in NY, feel free to drop me or maury a line, maybe we can do lunch or shop! We are always shopping, its terrible!

  4. Ava, darling u look great at BG. I am loving those Kirkwoods…if I had seen you in the streets, I would have attempted to steal them…LOL. Don’t blame the shoe addiction we all have…LOL. Gisela and I just splurged this weekend on YSL booties from Fall 08…I know last season, but I was dying for them!

    Hope u decide to come to NYU…so we can spoil u with NYC lovin’

    Muah bella,


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