Oh the woes of self-timer.  I’d never used it before, and I literally had to look up directions because I am technology-stupid.  Unfortunately, my sister/photographer is mutinizing and I may have to use it more.  I don’t have a tripod either, so I had to prop the camera on a camper and a grinding stone in the back yard… fun!

Quality is great, no?



(DIY print shirt, Old Navy dress and cardigan, vintage jewels)

I sprayed this shirt this morning.  I don’t know if it is my iffy spraying skills, my scoliosis, or a combined effort of the two, but print be crooked.  Oh well, I will wear it anyway.  Frequently.


My ring-laden fingers are still caked with spray paint.

I am making my dad a print of Athena’s shield (it has the Medusa’s head on it) for his birthday on Monday.  He’s big into the Odyssey.  He’s been asking me to make him a skull shirt, and I’ve been jerkily refusing because I want his present to be special/a surprise.



5 responses to “04-10-09

  1. I love the ring on your pinky!

  2. oh my i love that shirt!
    and you are my first and only
    blog commenter! so thanks for that haha

    and thar brush is pretty freaky…

  3. hey girl– i’m already finding the blog is a great way to keep in touch when we’re far apart– just imagine what it’ll be like next year!!

    anyhow, dropping in to tackily comment on our own blog to say that i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the skull shirt. you = genius!!!! (i might have to mooch off your stencil…)

    p.s. today i was in dean & deluca and saw this guy who had THE most perfect skull ring. i was about to take a creeper picture for you, but then he sort of looked at me so i didn’t. sooner or later, i’ll lose my last shreds of dignity and will be taking pictures like that ANYWAY.

    miss you!

    • Loss of dignity! Just what we were hoping this blog would promote!

      OK dork confession: when you wrote about BG and were like guess what I saw guess what I saw my mind strayed to ANTM and a certain BG employee… yes I have been watching too much of that show. Miss you.

  4. Oh my gosh, I have scoliosis too! Please email me and we can chat 🙂 whiteteawildhorse@gmail.com

    Love your skull tshirt and your remote control photographs.


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