DIY Realization

Ever fell in love with an item of clothing that does not exist? When I first decided I wanted a skull shirt, I was sure I would find what I wanted without much difficulty. Oh, was I ever wrong. Every print I found was cartoony or over-elaborate. Alexander McQueen ones were to die for but way out of my budget. Boo.

I’d drawn a design weeks ago with the intention of making a stencil, but it took me til today to get around to it. I give you: The initial drawing:


The stencil:


The finished product!


Word on the street is, if you wash spray paint, it will get soft and fabric-y.  We shall see.  I’ll probably be redoing it on another shirt anyway, this one is a tad soccer-dad-y.



9 responses to “DIY Realization

  1. How fun! I have always wanted to spray paint a shirt.

  2. I love the tshirt, the stencil is really good! Ahhh,the sunglasses, you do need a certain amount of light to see through them adequately, but I just peek through the clear bits in the bottom half when this occurs, haha. x

    • Thanks for the info! I’ve been in love with the style since the Chanels, and have been seriously considering the AAs for a while, so that really helps! And thanks for stopping by!

  3. that looks awesome!!! i love your stencil.

    just be sure to wash in cold water and hang dry. should last a lil longer 😉
    xo s

    • Thanks for the tips! Cold water is a given and I’ll try to curb my laziness long enough to haul this shirt to the clothesline!

  4. totally rad girl.

  5. that is so sweet!!

  6. ahhh thats amazing!!!!

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