Concrete Walls

Second post about Fever Ray this week?  Maaaaaaaaaybe.  But I have been listening to nothing else since I bought the CD.  And I found this awesome photoshoot by Johan Renck which is so stunningly bizarre that I think can be excused for over-sharing.

(After acquiring an awesome lacy sportsbra type thing from Goodwill, I am itching to create another Madonna outfit a la Like A Virgin.  The repetition abounds.  You have been warned.)

So, without further ado, prepare to be wowed:








As I understand it, the last two pictures are of her in her performance costume.  She certainly seems to be wearing something of similar bulk in her live videos.  AWESOME!  Please excuse the obsession.

Here’s the video for When I Grow Up.  The outfit reminds me of Rodarte.



4 responses to “Concrete Walls

  1. Those pictures are all so cool, I’ve only ever seen the first one before. xx

    • I know! What I really like is that they don’t seem pretentious, but more like an effort to extend the mood her music evokes to a visual form. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Those pictures are effing stunning!! Really great photography !!

  3. Love the pictures with the face paint!

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