So I’m heading off to New York City [bright and??] early tomorrow morning (yay!)…and I’m not sure how much posting I’ll be able to do while I’m actually there (the camera will be charged and ready, that’s for sure!), but before I go, here are these two super-relevant editorials from the January 1991 issue of Mirabella. The first is photographed by Andrew MacPherson; the model is Jennifer Rubin, and the photos came from here.

justgreat0191_bwamjr01When I first saw this, I was totally smitten with the stark background and light/neutral colors. I love how timeless the concept of the shoot is!

justgreat0191_bwamjr02This black jacket needs to enter my life. NOW. Also, I noticed in the caption that the pair of Manolo’s she’s wearing cost a mere $375 (not a small sum by any means, but downright paltry compared to the four-figure price tags on today’s designer foot ornamentation!)


Love this look. I see some hooded-sweatshirt+black blazer+black shorts combo imitation action in the future… hm….

justgreat0191_bwamjr04Super-short, boxy knitwear combination + boyish haircut + fierce pose = 1990s PERFECTION!


I love the billowing shape of this crisp white trench. I don’t like trenches that look too …. trenchy (hard to avoid trenchiness, I know, when one is looking for a trench coat) and I think this light, bright-white version (even though it’s nearly 20 years old) totally fits the bill!

justgreat0191_bwamjr06Anyhow, I pretty much completely love this. MUST COPY!!

The second editorial is DEFINITELY relevant, although on what is a much more literal level, in my opinion. But, no matter how trendy they might be, I can’t fight my love for a good body-con dress!! Here’s Mirabella’s early-90s take, also photographed by Andrew MacPherson. The model is (as you probably recognize) Milla Jovovich. (Begotten here).

bodyheat_bwammj011If only I could wear this wonderful blue color without getting completely washed out!


SO simple, but I’ve gotta love it!

bodyheat_bwammj03I’m definitely intrigued by the bustier-top and tribal print combination…


Wish me luck in New York!



4 responses to “Relevance!

  1. Dear Hannah,

    Your lovely comment just makes us want to post more. Thank you! It’s great to get comments from people you haven’t even met. How did you come accross our blog?

    Your blog is very inspirational too! LOVE the bold 90’s fashion!

    eLLy + YiN ^ ClickClockCulture

  2. Those images are amazing

    And thanks for commenting on NQQxxx!

    Hopefully you’ll visit again shortly

    (p.s – your up and coming blog has been added to by blog list!)

  3. i want the tribal print dress! beaut!

  4. i love the way mila looks like the classic american supermodel. she’s definitely channeling the christy turlington/cindy crawford era. love it.

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