Yesterday’s purchases included a bracelet that reminded me of a Madonna shoot for Elle UK.


See?  The interlocking stars?  No?

Well, I’m perfectly OK with attributing the stretch of imagination to my rampant Madonna obsession.

Anyway, I was inspired by the dubiously Madonna-esque bracelet to create a Madonna-themed outfit today.



Banana Republic jeans.  All of the jewelry pictured is from me and Ava’s vintage expedition yesterday.  (Yes I’m aware of the grammatical offense.  I like that phrase.)  Ava was considering a similar but vastly cooler necklace, and will hopefully purchase it after NYC and post pictures.  It be rad.

Just for good measure, one more of The Queen (from a W editorial):




4 responses to “04-05-09

  1. Ohhhhh, i love the inspiration, and what came from it! that bracelet is so pretty and sweet

  2. I love those sunglasses you have on!! :]


  3. your shades are awesome and that jewelry is lovely!

  4. Thanks, all!

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