Despite some weather that can only be described as confusing, today was great.  Why?  It was the last day before spring break!  Oh, the glory.  Ava and I have some major shopping/photo-shooting plans over break.  And maybe an impromptu college visit?  When you get to be a high school senior, all of a sudden nothing seems quite as compelling.  Homework?  College decisions?  Please.  Not top priorities.


I have some pretty strong comfort-related fashion rules, the two biggies being a) if at all possible, no heels and 2) no skirts at school.  The second may seem strange, but what with the hassle of stuffing yourself into horrible desk-chair combos and the unpredictable climate (I swear, the thermostat is controlled by some crazy menopausal woman in another building, an hour away) it is a necessary precaution.  But today I threw caution to the wind!  Spring break tomorrow!  Nothing can touch me!


This skirt was originally a white dress, but I cut off the top (it was too small ha) and literally pinned it to the clothesline and splashed cups of Rit dye on it.  It’s made out of one of those woven materials that seems mostly horizontal, so the dye soaked through in a weird way.  Also, the pleats created a splotchy mandala effect.  It’s kooky, but I like it.

(Vintage/customized skirt, thrifted shirt, Zuriick shoes)


Happy spring days!



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