[On April Fool’s Day] I wore:


I was going to wear an overwhelmingly schlumpy outfit today as a sort of sartorial April Fool’s joke, but by the time I was leaving my house, I was in heels. (Funny how that happens…) True, my ensemble today was markedly more casual than some of my other efforts of late, and the heels are much less drastic than my Nicholas Kirkwoods, but I just couldn’t quite bring myself to go out in public in an outfit devoid of any visual interest… 



Vintage leather jacket (once AGAIN– I don’t think I’ll stop wearing this until it literally falls to pieces…), J Crew jeans, hoodie, and tee-shirt (sorry for the preponderance of J Crew in this outfit– normally I don’t like to wear so many pieces from the same brand at the same time, but they have such great basics, which obviously end up showing up a lot in my more basic outfits), my grandmother’s vintage pumps.

Side note: the tee shirt is embellished with the phrase “C’EST LA VIE” in little tiny black beads; today I wore it to reflect my attempt to grasp a go-with-the-flow attitude in the face of choosing where to go to college [EEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!]. Normally I don’t wear slogan tees, either, but the super-cool beading won me over, as tactile textures are often wont to do…



3 responses to “04.01.09

  1. Thanks! Some days, I just can’t bring myself to wear something other than jeans (it doesn’t help that our school is perpetually freezing cold, which is often a motivation to layer up…)

  2. you look sweet.

    thanks for the comment.


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