Today I wore:

dsc04095Vintage bolero vest, thrifted bathrobe/dress/all-purpose dose of plaid, Marc by Marc Jacobs belt (this came off of my homecoming dress), Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.

dsc04098I really can’t stop wearing my Nicholas Kirkwoods. I suppose I should make a concerted effort to wear different shoes at least every once in a while so I don’t get tired of them, but I don’t think that’s even possible! I’m addicted! Perhaps I’ll branch out in the shoe department just for the sake of variety, but honestly, it CAN’T get any better than this! 

dsc04103 I love this bathrobe, as well. It’s the perfect versatile item: in technicality, it’s a bathrobe and can function as such, but it can also be worn as a dress (as you see here; most people never suspected its true sartorial identity until I told them) or fun robey-coaty thing. My favorite way to wear it is probably like this; I don’t have any other skirts/dresses that are this length, and I like the longer, looser proportion. Plus, it’s a bit of a shout-out to the wonderful early-90s grunge aesthetic of My So-Called Life (if you’ve seen this show, I hope you agree that it is amazing; if you haven’t, you SHOULD). 

Well, I’m off to do a mountain of homework and make college choices…



5 responses to “03.31.09

  1. I absolutely love those shoes! I think I featured them on my blog at one point, actually. Nicholas Kirkwood is the best!


  2. Wow, I really love those shoes! I think that I featured them on my blog at one point, actually. I love Nicholas Kirkwood!


  3. OMG! Those Kirkwoods rock! And love the electric blue color! You’ve inspired me to wear my lilac and silver Kirkwoods, they are somewhere in the new apt I have just moved into. Lol

    • Thanks! And aren’t they so brilliantly designed? I was worried about wearing such a serious heel all day, but they’re so well constructed that they don’t rub blisters or slip or anything! The perfect heels– that man is a genius!

      (I love your blog, by the way! You have great style!)


  4. OH Gosh, thank you for your compliment! love your style as well and super cute blog! I’ll be checking it daily from now on 🙂

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