Today I wore:


dsc04056Vintage military jacket (!!!), Dalin Chase dress, Gap tights, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes (<– I can’t stop wearing them– they go with EVERYTHING! I cannot even express my love. Favorite piece of clothing of my LIFE.).

I found this absolutely AMAZING vintage military jacket (I really need more synonyms for “amazing” and “gorgeous”…I’ll get on that…) at my favorite consignment/vintage store. It called out to me from across the room, and I was drawn to its intricate beauty by the magnetic force of fate. (Sorry for the hyperbolic language; sometimes it’s necessary to be a little cheesy!) Anyhow, I love it not only because it fits really well (Hannah says the big shoulders make me look like a wrestler, which is always a fun way to look!), but also because of the history behind it. In the interior pocket, there’s a tag sewn in with the name of the officer it belonged to and the date it was made. As a historical ephemera nerd, I found this to be way cool. The only thing is, I’m trying to figure out what branch of the army/navy/marines it’s even from, or if it’s even American at all… if anyone knows, that would be great! I couldn’t resist taking some detail shots of this one:



Pictured below: the nametag; it reads “R C Woodside 6-20-39”– how cool is that? To me, VERY cool.



(Marines? I’m a bit perplexed by the eagle with the anchor…. and I guess I’m assuming it’s an eagle… it might be some other large predatory and militaristic bird…)



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