I swear I don’t normally wear this much gold.  My subconscious must be rejoicing at the birth of spring!


This is why I shop at thrift stores.  So I can own bizarre and vaguely unattractive things like this sweater.  I dug it up yesterday and was momentarily overcome with grief at having not rocked it yesterday with the gold skirt.  No matter.  The day will come.


Keep Company shoes, Gap jeans.  Everything else, of course, is thrifted.


Rings and earrings are usually the only items of jewelry I can tolerate.  I’ve been on a huge ring kick lately, and have been wearing several a day.  All vintage.


I’ve been listening to a lot of Lucky Dragons lately.  OK, it’s a lie, I only have four songs, but I have been playing them nonstop and I highly recommend them as dreaming-of-not-so-distant-summer music.  Good on the spirit.



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