The Collection

What would prompt two posts in such close time proximity to each other on a Sunday?  An enormous English essay due Monday, that’s what.

Anyway, Ava has an awe-inducing collection of shoes that I cannot hope to match.  I’m a vegan, so my shoes options are severly limited (between Forever 21 and Stella McCartney there is nothing).  But, I am quite proud of my sunglasses collection.  No need to even attempt to track stores and designers – all of these are from a Goodwill in my grandparents’ neighborhood.  The best thrift stores are in small towns where everyone is about a decade behind, fashion-wise.  Allow me to present:


They’re a bit washed out from the sun (!!!!!) and the manual stretching of the picture, but they are pretty over-the-top in person.  Perfect to add the right amount of crazy to an otherwise respectable outfit.


2 responses to “The Collection

  1. Oh wow! These sunglasses are fantastic. So contemporary. Great finds.

  2. These are great, I especially like the blue one!Thanks for commenting, I totally agree, boyfriends jeans are so comfty but still hot!

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