Today was the first pretty day all week.



As usual, mostly vintage and thrift store purchases.  Zuriick shoes.  I will have to find the receipt for the earrings, because I can’t remember the name of the maker.  The skirt matches the jacket I wore on Friday; the hem was almost entirely undone, so I haven’t worn it since I bought it, but last night I finally mended it.  The two are the only set I own; I may have to wear the two together at some point.  Very ladylike.


Ever been to an estate sale?  It’s where someone dies and their relatives (I assume) hold a giant yardsale to get rid of everything in the house.  I’ve only been to one, but it was one of the prime shopping experiences of my life.  That’s where I got the grandpa sweater I’m wearing, as well as a crazy squaredancing dress and some incredible poofy petticoats.  The concept is morbid – there you are, buying some dead person’s clothes, jewels, and whatever else, but it yields the best genuine vintage/awesome finds ever, and the sellers are usually in such a hurry to get rid of the junk that it is cheaper than cheap!  If you ever see one, GO.  It’s so worthwhile.


My sister Carmen has been taking all the pictures for this blog, and today I decided to snap her as well.  Here she is, doing her best True Blue in my jacket.

– Hannah


2 responses to “03-29-09

  1. Hannah–
    That skirt is one of my favorite things you own– so glad you’re wearing it!! And I love Carmen’s Madonna impression– I totally knew it was the True Blue album cover before I read the caption (we are SUCH mind-twins).
    And I know it’s dorky to be commenting on each other’s entries on the blog, but I just HAD to 🙂

  2. Don’t worry, dorky is the new awesome. We are total mind-twins and I love it.

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