After a long weekend of not outfit posting (mainly because I was either in Baltimore or slouching around in sweatpants — only inside the house, I promise!), I had to go to school today, which meant actual clothing was in order…so today I wore:

dsc03594(vintage leather jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs draped t-shirt, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Kallisté studded pumps)

I had bought these shoes a while ago and when they got here, I tried them on and didn’t think they fit quite right. So they sat in my closet for a few months, during which time I periodically looked at them and wished they fit better but didn’t really take the effort to try them on again… until last weekend, when I miraculously discovered that they fit me now! I love these shoes, so this realization was quite exciting, and I resolved to wear them right away!

dsc03605Suffice to say these beautiful shoes brightened up an otherwise quite bleak Tuesday filled with one graded assessment after another…



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