beauty itself.

Today, I’m obsessed with…these photos. Any explanation I could attempt to offer would not do them justice.

These first few are from  an editorial in the March 2009 issue of Vogue Nippon called The Wild Orchid.

(Photographer- Camilla Arkans//Model- Mariaclara Boscono)




The whole aesthetic composition and styling of these is soooo inspiring– I love the classic glamourous ball-gowns (mid-century freak that I am) and the crazy juxtaposition (yes, yes, there’s that word again) of the pleather-y, shiny tough dress (leotard?) with the bathtub full of flowers in the last photo. There’s a pretty strong possibility that Hannah and I will try to recreate this sometime in the future….


Playing off the whole atmosphere of the first editorial, I found this next photo, which is from the January issue off Numero Korea 

(Photographer- Sofia Sanchez, Mauro Mongiello)

magazine-numero-korea-jan-6-2009That image just floors me. I absolutely LOVE it. 

More to come later.



One response to “beauty itself.

  1. reminds me of that us vogue editorial a couple years ago with sasha, no?

    lovee it.

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