[On Friday the Thirteenth] I wore:


This is probably one of the weirdest ideas I’ve come up with in a while that I’ve actually followed through with and worn in public, and I have to say, I loved this outfit. It consisted of: vintage tuxedo tails worn inside out (you can see the white silk lining for the sleeves, obviously, but it also has this amazing stitched and structured black silk on the body of the jacket–I included detail shots at the end of the post because this needs to be expressed visually), D&G dress, and, once again, my Loeffler Randall boots. You can’t see from the side, but the shoulders on the jacket are pretty large (since it’s a men’s jacket), which created a really cool proportion. Plus, the tails look even better in motion, so I did a little frolicking on camera to demonstrate…




Here are the detail shots of the amazing inside-out jacket… Normally, I hate using flash, but I couldn’t get the intricacies of the seaming to show up otherwise…


The flash made the silk lining look  kind of tacky and shiny. It’s not. I promise. 


It’s always nice when one of my sartorial whims turns into a viable outfit!



3 responses to “03.13.09

  1. oh my god, your boots! ive been looking for some classic black heeled boots and those are perfecctiiion. i love that you love ‘shoes and your mom too’…how fun is it? and i look forward to reading your as well!


    • Thanks! I absolutely ADORE them! And I’m totally obsessed with ‘shoes and your mom’ now…that pair of ysl tribute sandals are calling my name–if only they weren’t $400 😦

  2. The vintage tux is experiencing its best iteration yet. Originally from (place unknown – early 1900’s) to a 1979 Camden flea market in London, to 2009 – inside/out.

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