What I love right now…..

The internet is a wonderful, wonderful place…. One thing leads to another, and before I know it, I’ve become completely obsessed with the amalgamation of some pretty random and awesome images/objects…

Tonight, it started with the daily perusal of style.com, during which I was most inspired by Antonio Berardi because, well, the surest way to my heart is through anything tailored, sculptural, and, on occasion, spangled unabashedly with sequins. Enjoy:

antonio-berardi-1I love the proportion of this one, and it seems like it would be SO infinitely fun to wear!

antonio-berardi-2These are probably some of my favorite thigh-high boots from this season; I love the slouchiness and the steely blue-grey color. Plus, the dress is just out-of-this-world. WANT.

antonio-berardi-5SO unique. SO intriguing. What great juxtaposition! (I’m probably going to use the word ‘juxtaposition’ a lot. Watch out.)

antonio-berardi-6…And this…if I put it on, I would NEVER take it off.

(images courtesy of style.com)


Anyway, that visual experience got me thinking, which got me googling, which led to:


image courtesy of shopbop.com

The dream-shirt: Alexander Wang draped-back cropped sweatshirt….which led to:


image courtesy of http://www.essencegifts.co.uk

The dream-gloves: completely impractical rope-like mesh and leather fingerless driving gloves. Which I obviously need in my life…which finally led to:


26_02_2009_0653966001235672434_troyt_coburnimages courtesy of: http://2photo.ru/2009/02/27/raboty_fotografa_troyt_coburn.html (thanks to glitter and tea for posting this amazing link!!!)

The dream-photoshoot! (I can’t even begin to express my yen for a bandit mask and a sequined/fringed bathing suit right now….)

So there you go! A random smattering from my daily dose of visual inspiration!



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