So I’m going to try to document what I wear every day, although this will probably end up not being absolutely *every* day because there are some days’ outfits I would definitely NOT like to remember… To inaugurate, this is what I wore today:

03.09.09TReally old tank top, thrifted belt and pants (my “man pants,” of which I am very fond), Marc Jacobs shoes. 

As far as jewelry goes, today I was quite inspired by a most venerable wearer of beautiful sparkly objects, Kate Lanphear: jewelry

(thrifted “KATHLEEN” cuff handed down from Hannah (<3), my grandmother’s rhinestone bracelet, my mother’s watch)

…and that’s about all, folks! 



2 responses to “03.09.09

  1. I tried to document what I wore every day… it lasted about a week. you’ll be much more diligent than I am though, I’m sure.

    also, expect me to comment on just about every entry.

  2. i’m so glad that we have at least one reader!! it’s so exciting to have actual *comments!*

    (excuse my rapidly growing blogger dorkiness! i can’t help myself!)

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